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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oh Jeez, We Went and Got More Round Shiny Thingies!

Martin Strel is an athlete. His training routine includes chomping wheelbarrow loads of greasy food and guzzling barrels of booze. Then he jumps into the river and swims for about a month.

Having dog paddled past dead bloated bodies in toxic waterways around the world, Strel sets out to swim the length of the Amazon. Not width, length. Thankfully his gut is also a floatation device.

Criterion bring it on again, this time with Max Ophuls' stunning, starry, sensational sparklecracker of a film. Yeah, dude: sparklecracker.

Haven't seen this yet and I probably won't because it's got a swear in the title. But, it's supposed to be really good from what I've heard from people I don't know who live in the internet.

This space with the clever title is where we highlight films up for an Oscar that are good. Whoa! Here's one now!

That's all for this time. We hope you had fun reading these keyboard clickin's.

Crap! (not a swear) here's another thing I meant to add. Hang on. It's not too late...

97,310 hours of horror, schlock, sci-fi and exploitation movie trailers. Comes with a disc of MP3 radio spots too. Including one for SINFUL DWARF. Be still my heart!

That's really all for this time. Stay inside! Winter sucks and movies rule!!

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