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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kirby Dick Could Have Told Ya That

In completely (not) shocking news, an anti-gay U.S. senator has come out of the closet after being arrested for DUI following a visit to a gay bar. Roy Ashburn claims his numerous votes over the years against gay rights initiatives were not spurred by his personal feelings but those of his constituents. Ashburn would like everyone to believe he was merely carrying out the wishes of those who put him into office. It's been pointed out that Ashburn also voted to increase taxes. Probably not something his voters endorsed when they selected his name on the ballot.

Why is a movie store blog covering this news story? Well, first off, we're people who think hypocrisy shouldn't be buried, especially when carried out by politicians. Second, it brings to mind a fantastic recent documentary on this very subject by filmmaker Kirby Dick called 'Outrage.' The movie assembles details on a maddening array of politicians living in the closet who also happen to vote most fiercely against gay issues. Supposedly, these efforts are intended to deflect away from the fact that they themselves are homosexual. Guess what? It's not working.

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