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Thursday, May 27, 2010

The New Stuff Cometh!

Is it hot out there or is is just me?! Hey-o!

With weather like this, who needs enemies? Zzzzziiiiinnnggg!

OK, really, let's get serious for a moment: it's hot. So much so that doing anything beyond pressing play on a DVD remote could cause serious complications. So do your body a favour and load yourself up with a few shiny Have You Seen... discs of choice, hit the couch and do not move most muscles. Eyes and thumb only. For your health!


Adapted from the novel by Cormac McCarthy, Aragorn stars as a papa fighting to survive in a really not so nice post-apocalyptic world while taking care of his son against all odds when two become one. No sightings of Frodo or Pippin but I'll bet you those buggers were hiding somewhere in the background. Will need to watch it again to try and spot them. Just a caution: you may feel slightly guilty eating snacks while watching this film. I didn't, but you might.

"Aragon like soda pop. Soda pop taste good in mouth."

Oh boy, does this show ever SUCK! I don't think I've seen Elliott this excited* about a series before and on his strong recommend, check, check it out if you have not done yet. *Not since The Golden Girls of course.

Billy Connolly: Journey to the Edge of the World
Funny Scottish man-guy trudges through sleet, snow and blubber with a smile in order to bring you a chuckle-ridden travelogue. See Billy teeter on the edge of the world. Does he fall off and discover a hidden tribe of floating Air People? Watch the discs to see!

DAVID CROSS: Bigger and Blackerer
Speaking of funny man-guys, everybody's fave sarcastic comedy maker David Cross hits back hard with a stand-up performance filled with very little sitting down on his part. The audience sits a whole bunch though, lazy bastards.

Doc about war profiteer Fidelis Cloer who is in the business of selling armoured vehicles in Iraq and Afghanistan. I do believe I'll stick to renting movies.

- STAGECOACH (1939) John Ford/John Wayne
- FUGITIVE KIND (1959) Sidney Lumet/Marlon Brando/Joanne Woodward

And since we haven't done a proper update in some time, here are a few from the past couple of weeks that are worth a mention!

Someone has the unenviable job of notifying the families of soldiers killed during conflict and The Messenger details this task. Ben Foster and Woody Harrelson portray these military personnel and their performances are super solid. Samantha Morton is excellent as a woman just informed about the death of her husband. One of the most believable and realistic characters in recent American film. Heavy duty, yes, but the top notch acting makes it all worthwhile.

No, not the musical. Although, I really wish BBC had decided to include some footage of the rare singing Samoan eel in this Planet Earth/Blue Planet calibre collection. Many moments that will inspire both awe and bitter jealousy at the fact that we don't have any parrotfish in the Otonabee. Got some great gnarly carp though. Film that BBC!

This is just the tip of the veritable virtual iceberg as it relates to new additions to the store. To fully grasp the extent of new stuff you'll need to creep on down here, hopping between patches of shade. Tons of Brit TV and so much more!

And remember TV Carnage comes to town Sunday the 30th @ The Spill - 8pm!

Over and out.


  1. Just wanted to make a strong recommendation for Garth Merenghi's Darkplace, which you folks have recently acquired and might be my very favorite of the recent British comedy renaissance. Just brilliant all the way around.

    And those Louis Theroux documentaries are definitely addictive. Everyone should check them out.

  2. Hey Doug-yes! Darkplace is so good it makes me sick to my pants! Really glad you dug it. Same goes for Mr. Theroux. I first became aware of his work on TV Nation and have tried to see everything else he's done since. Apparently his book is a great read. Need to check that out!