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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

TV Carnage Is Coming to Buff Your Butt!

The rumours are true and this time, Fleetwood Mac had nothing to do with it!

That doesn't actually make any sense and neither does TV Carnage. This insidious video creation is the work of a mysterious and frightening entity known only as "Pinky." And to really creep you out, even his own family don't know if Pinky is his first name or his last! Hell, they're not even sure if Pinky is a guy. Regardless, because "irregardless" isn't actually a word, Pinky is coming to bust a cap deep into the backside of this town on Sunday May 30th with a new regime of exercise-related Carnage. It all goes down at The Spill with doors moving on their hinges at 8pm.

We at Have You Seen... LOVE TV Carnage and we are eagerly awaiting the next installment of Emmy award not-winning excellence. Advance tickets are available right here at the shoppe (I say "right here" because I'm typing this from work-if I were typing this from home I'd say "right there") and are available to you the viewer for $6. If you wait until show day, you're gonna have to cough up another $2 which when added to the aforementioned $6 makes a total of $8. So snag your seat early!

The trailer below is merely a taste, a veritable dinkling of what you can expect on that cold, snowy May night. So join some guy named Zach and us for Pinky, TV Carnage & hot chocolate. And be sure to bring a blanket to snuggle under with a stranger!

1 comment:

  1. I'm really looking forward to this. I love TV Carnage, and not just because of my love for the Rosie O'Donell classic "Riding On The Bus With My Sister". Should be a really good time, and thanks to Have You Seen for greasing the wheels to get it here.