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Friday, September 10, 2010

I Think We're Alone Now

The skinny: I don’t ever want to be alone with any of these people.

Everyone is obsessed with something. Golfing, cycling, full contact knitting. For the two subjects of the documentary I Think We’re Alone Now, it’s eighties pop music sensation Tiffany. Now, I certainly have my guilty pleasures. As anyone who knows me is well aware, I think Don Knotts movies are the bee’s knees. I fully admit that I probably enjoy The Love God? a little bit too much, but I have never at any time felt psychically connected to the comedy legend. OK, wait... maybe. But I have never ever believed that we were destined to be together and that one day our souls would intertwine in the heavens, fusing us together for eternity. Jeff Turner and Kelly McCormick kinda sorta really strongly do believe this stuff.

Director Sean Donnelly uses a magical mind key to open the creepy gates and grant us intimate access to the lives of these two beyond fans. What we witness is funny and frightening. Both Tiffany lovers have their own unique delusions and are only too eager to profess their feelings and beliefs in front of the camera. Turner is sure he is in communication with Tiffany by way of a technological piece of headgear that utilizes a bike helmet as its core. In addition, he's also been accused of stalking the celeb by wanting to get up close and personal. McCormick is certain she was a friend of the pop star during their teenage years and that one day in the future, they will be together again.

I find myself drawn to movies that are uncomfortable to watch and I Think We’re Alone Now pays off in spades. The cringe factor ranges from medium to high and intensifies as the film rolls on, as the events become more and more bizarre. I found it freaky, too, that many of those featured in the movie reminded me of people I know. Some may feel the producers are bordering on exploitation, due to their editing choices and the obviously compromised mental states of the subjects. I personally found I Think We’re Alone Now to be a fascinating character study and engaging piece of filmmaking.


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  1. I thought I would be scared of Piranhas. I was not. I laughed a wee bit. Reign in the CG! I am scared by this trailer. I am terrified to see the full movie. Real fear. Can't wait! Awesome blog.