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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Room is in the House!

Don't ask us why it took so dang long, but we have finally snagged copies of The Room for y'all. Yes, the cult smash sensation that's still sweeping the floors of the nation! If you're not aware of this brilliant motion picture, The Room is the work of master thespian and dynamic director Tommy Wiseau. This is a man who bleeds emotion for us on both sides of the screen. Watch the trailer below because my words cannot fully relay the incredibleness of this cinematic jewel. The acting on the new 90210 is Shakesperian in relation and Mulholland Drive makes way more sense when compared to this.

And recommended to us by our friend Dangerous Doug Tilley, The Room tribute at Newgrounds and this wonderful Room rap. Thanks Doug!

Naughty language - nsfw

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  1. I really can't pimp the greatness of The Room enough. I've watched it probably a dozen times now, and - though there is a Rifftrax commentary available - it's much, much funnier without any prompting.
    Those links are a good start, and you can always watch this amazing montage of Tommy Wiseau's trademark laugh:

    David Cross pretending to by Tommy Wiseau

    or Patton Oswalt as Tommy Wiseau: