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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Eye-Assault Update (i.e. Some New Stuff)

Each update, but a few of our new titles are spotlighted while many more are added with little blog fanfare. It's worth stopping in to check out all the new stuff we get each week!

It sounds like a soft drink but it is in fact the latest motion picture from Cube director Vincenzo Natali. Sarah Polley and Adrien Brody (in his 148th film appearance this year) star as totally sexy gene-splicing scientists. And when these two get together the action gets hot and splicey! Sorry. Also check out Natali's neat indie flick 'Nothing' where two guys go outside to find everything has vanished and has been replaced by a white void.

A few years ago we were lucky enough to be part of bringing legendary director and cinematographer Albert Maysles to town for a talk and career retrospective at Trent and golly gee, what a sweet, sweet man. His longtime friendship with artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude (see their outstanding 5 DVD collection available at a Have You Seen... near you) has been well documented and their obsession with assembling an installation in New York's Central Park is the subject of The Gates. The controversial plan took many years to bring to fruition and we're given a behind the scenes look at the journey.

Don't mess with the Russian Mob. Or really, any mob for that matter. Maybe a mob of Strawberry Shortcakes? No, that would be frightening too.

Newest Harmony Korine and yeah, the title pretty much sums it.

Coming soon... the Criterion Collection MOTHERLOAD. We've already got hundreds, now we're adding dozens more! Check back for details soon...


  1. More Criterion = Good thing. Definitely interested in checking out that new release of The Thin Red Line.

  2. Doug! That Thin Red Line is one of 'em. Too many others to name (full list coming) but I'm starting the labeling onslaught today so they'll be up and running mondo soono!